Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate FeSO4·7H2O

Item No.:EC-WA06
Appearance:Bluish green monoclinic crystal
TiO2 content:≤0.75 percent
Insoluble content:≤0.75 percent
Solubility:Soluble in water,glycerol, insoluble in alcohol

Product Description

* What is ferrous sulfate heptahydrate formula?

-The formula of ferrous sulfate heptahydrate is FeSO4·7H2O.


EC-WA06 ferrous sulfate heptahdyrate is alo known as "copperas", the molecular formula is FeSO4·7H2O. It is soluble in water, insoluble in alcohols, and with corrosiveness. Exposure in dry air will make it wheathering to white powder, in wet air will make it oxidation, deterioration to yellowish-brown basylous iron sulphate. When temperature comes up to 300℃, EC-WA06 ferrous sulfate heptahdyrate will become anhydride, heating up furtherly, it will decompose into ferric oxide, water, Sulfur dioxide sulfur trioxide gas.  

Application scope:
1.Flocculant: EC-WA06 ferrous sulfate heptahdyrate can be widely used as flocculant in treatment of industrial effluent and sanitary sewage, such as printing and dyeing house, papermaking industry, etc. It can speed up sedimentation, make the sluge compacted, big granule and small volume. With superior decolorization effect, it is especially suitable for textile wastewater treatment of dyeing and washing house. Furthermore, it is nontoxic and in favor of biological growth, with no need to change former crafts, high cost performance.
2.Precipitant: EC-WA06 ferrous sulfate heptahdyrate forms sediment with sulphide and phosphate, thus remove their ions, suitable for treatment of sulfur-containing wastewater from printing and dyeing house.
3.Reductant: As a strong reductant, EC-WA06 ferrous sulfate heptahdyrate can reduce cr6 to cr3 in chromium-containing wastewater from electroplating plant, replacing expensive sodium sulphite, sodium bisulfite, sulfur dioxide. The main advantages include producing no toxic, carcinogenic and stimulated Chlorine (mainly hydrogen sulfide gas),low cost.
4.Fertilizer and pesticide: EC-WA06 ferrous sulfate heptahdyrate can be applied as micronutrient fertilizer in Agriculture, supplying iron nutrition to plants, promoting formation of chlorophyll and adjusting soil pH at the same time.
5.Other industry: colorant for iron gall ink, wood and concrete, etc.

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Package & Storage:
Package: Packed in food grade low pressure polythene film bag, outer with coated polypropylene woven bag or jumbo bag, N.W.is 25kg or 1000kg.
Storage: Sealed stored in cool,dry and ventilative warehouse under room temperature, keep away from fire, heat source and direct sunlight, seperate from oxidizer and alkalines.

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