Iron Sulphate Pentahydrate FeSO4·5H2O

Item No.:EC-WA07
Appearance:Lt. green fine particle
FeSO4·5H2O content:≥98 percent
As:≤0.0002 percent
Pb:≤0.002 percent
Total iron:≥19.7 percent
Solubility:Soluble in water,glycerol, insoluble in alcohol

Product Description

* What's the difference between iron sulfate pentahydrate and iron sulfate heptahydrate?

- Iron sulfate pentahydrate contains more stable and higher iron than iron sulfate heptahydrate. In this way, when used as ferric salt, iron sulfate pentahydrate dosage is less, reducing sludge and cost. Also iron sulfate pentahydrate has better effect of flocculation and sulfide, phosphate removal. Under same condition, shelf life of iron sulfate pentahydrate is longer.


Compared with traditional crafts FeSO4·5H2O, EC-WA07 iron sulphate pentahydrate has below advantages: 1. stable quality, over 98% content; 2. rarely caking 3. nearly no moisture absorption.

Application scope:
1. Flocculant: EC-WA07 iron sulphate pentahydrate acts on flocculation effect in wastewater treatment by removing plenty of suspended matters, COD and decoloring. Water pH value can be adjusted by adding it which will combine organically with suspended matters and sediment rapidly.
2. Apply as fertilizer in agriculture.
3. Apply as agricultural chemicals.
4. For gardening, EC-WA07 iron sulphate pentahydrate can be used to eliminate moss.
5. Apply as ferrous-fortifiers in feed additives.
6. Apply to produce ferric salts, iron oxide pigments, mordant, preservatives, disinfectant, etc.
7.Food grade EC-WA07 iron sulphate pentahydrate can be used as nutrients supplementation
8. Apply as chromatographic reagent.

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Package & Storage:
Packed in food grade low pressure polythene film bag, outer with coated polypropylene woven bag or jumbo bag, 25kg or 1000kg.
Sealed stored in cool,dry and ventilative warehouse under room temperature, keep away from fire, heat source and direct sunlight, seperate from oxidizer and alkalines.

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