Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate FeSO4·H2O

Item No.:EC-WA08
Appearance:Pale powder or grain
FeSO4·H2O content:≥91 percent
As:≤0.0001 percent
Pb:≤0.001 percent
Total iron:≥30 percent
Solubility:Soluble in water,glycerol, insoluble in alcohol

Product Description

* What is ferrous sulfate monohydrate formula?

- Ferrous sulfate monohydrate formula is FeSO4·H2O.


EC-WA08 ferrous sulfate monohydrate adopts advanced crafts of wet dissolution and impurity removal, recrystallization dehydration and imported drying equipment. It is characterised by high content of main elements, good solubility, pure color, non-caking, excellent flowability, no need crushing and sieving.

Application scope:
1. Apply EC-WA08 ferrous sulfate monohydrate as fertilizer in agriculture.
2. Apply as ferrous-fortifiers in feed additives.
3. For gardening, EC-WA08 ferrous sulfate monohydrate can be used to adjust soil pH, eliminate moss.
4. Apply as agricultural chemicals.
5. Apply to produce ferric salts, iron oxide pigments, mordant,water purifying agent, preservatives, disinfectant, etc.
6. Food grade EC-WA08 ferrous sulfate monohydrate can be used as nutrients supplementation
7. Apply as chromatographic reagents
8. Apply as medicine by partial convergence agent, hematinic.

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Package & Storage:
Packed in food grade low pressure polythene film bag, outer with coated polypropylene woven bag or jumbo bag, N.W.is 25kg or 1000kg.
Sealed stored in cool,dry and ventilative warehouse under room temperature, keep away from fire, heat source and direct sunlight, seperate from oxidizer and alkalines.

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