Textile Softener Oil Super Fluffy Soft

Item No.:EC-TL04
Composition:Fat amide ethoxymethyl ammonium compound
Appearance:Yellow viscous liquid
Ion Type:Cationic
pH Value:3.0-6.0 at 5 percent solution
Solid Content:90±1 percent
Solubility:Easily soluble in cool or hot water
Shelf Life:12 months stored in cool and dry

Product Description

1. EC-TL04 super fluffy soft softener oil provides textiles or yarn with super fluffy hand feel.

2. Significantly improve handfeel, the more usage amount, the better handfeel.

3. EC-TL04 softener oil is compatible with amphion, cation and nonionic.

4. Stable to acid, alkli and electrolyte.

5. Hydrophilic, good re-wettability.

6. Treatment of white fabric by EC-TL04 softener oil causes little yellowing.

7. Antistatic.
Application Scope:
1. Suitable for softening finishing of natural fibers textile, blended fibers textitle and yarn.

2. Suitable for laundry and washiong process of towels and jeanswear.

3. EC-TL04 softener oil can be used as raw material of fuzzing agent and handfeel-lifing agent.
Application & Amount, Free Sample:
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Package & Storage:
Package: 120kg per plastic drum or 200kg per drum. Customized package is acceptable.
Storage: Shelf life is 12 months from production date in original package at 4℃-30℃.

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