AKD Wax 1840/1865 Alkyl ketene dimmer

Item No.:EC-PA18
Appearance:Yellowish Waxy Particles
Purity:≥88 percent
Iodine value(giz/100g):≥44
Acid Value(mgKOH/g):≤5
Options:1840, 1865

Product Description

* How to make AKD wax into AKD sizing agent?

- AKD, alkyl ketene dimmer, is a kind of wax. To be applied as sizing agent for paper, AKD wax should be emulsified to AKD emulsion by emulsifier.


1. After emulsification, EC-PA18 AKD wax becomes emulsion - a kind of reactive neutral paper sizing agent, mainly applied on internal sizing of art base paper, copy paper, archival paper, bible paper and quality writting paper.

2. The sizing pH value of AKD sizing agent made from EC-PA18 AKD wax could comes up to aound 8.0, that is alkaline sizing process widely applied at home and abroad.

3. EC-PA18 AKD wax also could be made into AKD surface sizing agent for surface sizing.

Application & Amount, Free Sample: Request for details

Package & Storage:

Packed in woven bag by N.W. 25kg or jumbo bag by N.W.1000kg.

Stored in dry and cool place below 35℃ to avoid melting.

Do not scatter on ground in case of slip after melting.

Shlef life is 24 months under appropriate storage.

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