Deinking Agent For Wastepaper

Item No.:EC-PA08
Appearance:Transparent to yellowish liquid
pH Value:5.5-9.5
Solid Content:30±1 percent
Ion Type:Nonionic
Solubility:Easily soluble in cool water
Shelf Life:12 months stored in cool and dry

Product Description

* What are standards of good deinking agent for waste paper?

- 1. Contribute to dispersal and ink-remove of waste paper without readsorption, make separated ink easily to be removed.

  2. Lower down carbon content and enhance whiteness of paper. Carbon   granules can be smoothly removed with bubbles during flotation decontamination.

 3. No effect on yeild of pulp and production of paper machine.

 4. Waste water after deinking should be easy to treat.


1. EC-PA08 is an effective waste paper deinking agent developed by our R&D team according to features of wastepaper ink. Designed by special formulation, it is made from raw material like imported ink seperating agent, trapping agent, emulsifier, complexant and special enzyme preparation, etc. Deinking for waste paper from Amecian, European, Japanese and Chinese are all among the application scope.

2. EC-PA08 deinking agent is applicable for most ink, small usage amount (only need 0.5-1.5kg per ton wastepaper), prominently reduce deinking cost.

3. Application of EC-PA08 deinking agent will achieve high yield of pulp fibers, less dust and higher whiteness of finished paper, improve paper grade.

4. Moderate flotation froth, simple and convenient application, EC-PA08 deinking agent could be added gradually in front of flotation cell. Wastewater afte deinking bears little pollution, which is in favor of envrionmental protection.

Application & Amount, Free Sample: Request for details

Package & Storage:

Package: Packed in plastic IBC totes tank by N.W.1000KG/tank or HDPE barrel by N.W.200KG/barrel.

                Customized package is acceptable.

Storage: Shelf life is 12 months from production date, stored at 4℃-30℃ in cool and dry.

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