Polyaluminium Chloride PAC Powder Coagulant

Item No.:EC-WA03
Apperance:Greywish wite powder
Al2O3:≥29 percent
Basicity:40-90 percent
pH value (1 percent aqueous solution):3.5-5.0
Water Insoluble Substance:≤0.6 percent
As:≤0.0002 percent
Cd:≤0.0002 percent
Hg:≤0.00001 percent
Cr+6:≤0.0005 percent
Shelf Life:24 months stored in cool and dry

Product Description

* What's the difference of polyaluminium chloride powder for tap water and waste water?

- As per higher standards of tap water, requirement of polyaluminium chloride for tap water is correspondingly higher too. For instance, polyaluminium chloride pac with 27%-28% Al2O3 content is suitable for industrial waste water and domestic sewage, 29%-30% Al2O3 content is suitable for tap water.

Polyaluminium Chloride PAC


EC-WA03 polyaluminium chloride pac powder is an effective coagulant for both tap water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. It has prominent effect at small usage amount because of its highly charged aluminium ions. The lower usage amount aslo contribute to reduce sludge volumes and pH adjustment demands. Compared with traditional coagulants, EC-WA03 polyaluminium chloride pac improves removal of solids and phosphorus as well.

Application & Amount, Free Sample: Request for details

Package & Storage:

Package: Sealed packed in double layer plastic bag- inner layer PE bag, outer layer plastic film woven bag. N.W. 25kg or 800kg per bag.

               Customized package is acceptable.

Storage: Shelf life is 24 months from production date, stored at 4℃-30℃ in cool and dry.

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Polyaluminium Chloride PAC Coagulant

polyaluminium chloride pac chemicals for water treatment.