Dry Strength Agent ACPAM

Item No.:EC-PA06
Appearance:Transparent Viscous Liquid
Ion Type:Amphoteric
Solid Content:15±1 percent
pH Value:2.0-5.0
Shelf Life:6 months stored in cool and dry
Other Solid Content Option:20±1 percent

Product Description

* How does dry strength agent (ACPAM) enhance paper strength?

- There are multiple active groups like hydroxyl, acylamino, carboxyl contained in dry strength agent. Once adding into pulp, those groups in dry strength agent swiftly adsorb on fibres surface and combine with hydroxyl of fibres surface to form a large number of hydrogen bond, through drying process of paper machine, plenty of crosslinkings are formed and strength increased, in this way, paper dry strength are enhanced.


1. EC-PA06 dry strength agent is a kind of water-soluble multipolymer synthetized by acrylamide, anionic monomer and cationic monomer through special technology.

2. It is characterized by narrow distribution molecular-weight, good water-solubility and easy dispersion.

3. In acid and netural/alkaline condition, EC-PA06 dry strength agent forms ionic bond and hydrogen bond with fibre, prominently enhance dry strength of paper sheet.

4. The application scope includes production of kraft board paper, cardboard, high-strength corrugated paper, bobbin paper and poker paper, etc.

5. EC-PA06 dry strength agent can significantly enhance paper stength, stiffness, ring crush, bursting strength and folding endurance, etc.

6. It can increase retention of microfibers and fillers, improve drainability.

7. It is widely applicable for increasing strength of high-strength corrugated paper, liner board, bobbin paper, etc.

8. EC-PA06 dry strength agent bears higher cost-performance than starchy strength agent.

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Package & Storage:

Package: Packed in plastic IBC totes tank by N.W.1000KG/tank or HDPE barrel by N.W.200KG/barrel.

                Customized package is acceptable.

Storage: Shelf life is 6 months from production date, stored at 4℃-30℃ in cool and dry.

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