Paper Moisture Resistant Agent

Item No.:EC-PA05
Appearance:Milk white liquid
pH Value:1.0-5.0
Solid Content:20±1 percent
Shelf Life:3 months stored in cool and dry

Product Description

* How does paper moisture resistant agent work?

- Paper moisture resistant agent works with starch to form a flim on paper surface, in that way prevent permeation of water molecules and realize moisture resistant and water resistant performance of paper.


1. EC-PA05 is a kind of liquid moisture resistant agent for paper, which can effectively resist mositure and improve paper sheet surface strength. Application scope of EC-PA05 paper moisture resistant agent include paper which require moisture-resistant capability, such as high-strength corrugated base paper, liner board, cultural paper, etc .

2. Superior water resistance performance of paper can be realized by applying EC-PA05 paper moisture resistant agent along with starch.

3. Applying it on surface will prevent paper from getting damp even uder high humidity condition.

4. EC-PA05 paper moisture resistant agent can also enhance paper surface strength.

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Package & Storage:

Package: Packed in plastic IBC tank by N.W.1000kg.

                Customized package is acceptable.

Storage: Shelf life is 3 months from production date, stored at 4℃-30℃ in cool and dry.

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