AKD Emulsion Paper Sizing Agent

Item No.:EC-PA01
Appearance:Milk white emulsion
Ion Type:Cationic
Solid Content:15±1 percent
pH Value:1.0-5.0
Shelf Life:3 months stored in cool and dry
Other Solid Content option:10±1, 20±1, 25±1, 30±1 percent

Product Description

* What is "AKD" full form?

- AKD full form is alkyl ketene dimmer, a kind of unsaturated lactone in waxy solid form. To be a reactive neutral paper sizing agent applied as papermaking chemicals, AKD should be made into emulsion, that is AKD emulsion.


1. EC-PA01 AKD emulsion (alkyl ketene dimmer)  is a newly developed product based on our former sizing agent. It is characterized by good self-retention, high water resistance and rapid curing process, which enable it to prominently improve sizing effect and other technical indexes of paper.
2. EC-PA01 AKD emulsion is applicable for all kinds of paper which require sizing process, such as writing paper, xerographic paper, corrugated paper, liner board, art base paper, photographic paper, napkins, etc.
3. It is with high curing speed and low hydrolysist speed.
4. EC-PA01 AKD emulsion can provide paper sheet with superior water resistance.
5. It will also improve printability of paper sheet, increase retention of fines and fillings, decrease pulp consumption, reduce production cost.
6. Wide pH value range (6.5-10) for sizing, calcium carbonate can be used as filling.
7. The neutral sizing process of EC-PA01 AKD emulsion contributes to decrease corrosion and prolong equipment life.

Application & Amount, Free Sample: Request for details

Package & Storage:
Package: Packed in plastic IBC totes tank by N.W.1000KG/tank or HDPE barrel by N.W.200KG/barrel. Customized package is acceptable.
Storage: Shelf life is 3 months from production date, stored at 4℃-30℃ in cool and dry.

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