Solid Surface Sizing Agent

Item No.:EC-PA04
Apperance:Light green/yellow solid particle
Ion type:Cationic
Solid content:≥60 percent
Solubility:Soluble in hot water
Shelf Life:3 months stored in cool and dry

Product Description

* What is solid surface sizing agent?

- Different from styrene acrylate emulsion surface sizing agent, it is a kind of sizing agent granules with lower cost and good water-resistance.


1. EC-PA04 is a newly developed solid surface sizing agent and strength increase agent made from multiple cationic materials through special technology, which can be used to replace other surface sizing agent. With curing process finishing upon papermaking end, providing paper sheet with superior water resistance, it is applicable for high strength corrugated paper.

2. EC-PA04 solid surface sizing agent can be used to replace 10%-20% amount of surface sizing starch for surface sizing process, reducing proudction cost.

3. Completely replace liquid styrene acrylate surface sizing agent for surface sizing process, reduce production cost.

4. Application of EC-PA04 solid surface sizing agent will keep paper from water penetration in 3-5 minutes.

Application & Amount, Free Sample: Request for details

Package & Storage:

Package: Packed in PP bag by N.W.25KG or 1000KG per bag.

                Customized package is acceptable.

Storage: Shelf life is 3 months from production date, stored at 4℃-30℃ in cool and dry.

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